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Our Mission

“We are a Nonprofit focused on the care and rehabilitation for those who sacrificed everything for God, Country, and the people of this great nation. You’ve done enough; let us help with the hard stuff.”

Our Vision

At Broken Arrow, the least we could do as a Veteran operated organization, is to help our brothers, sisters, and their families. Knowing that transitioning out of the military isn’t a walk in the park, we offer services ranging from helping get Vets off the streets and into jobs/housing, counseling to help with traumatic experiences’, or for just a day to get away. It’s easy to give up when everyone else has, here at Broken Arrow we will never give up, never surrender. 

The Definition

Broken Arrow definition – “The United States code for calling in all available aircraft for an airstrike near a friendly position which has been overrun by the enemy.”

At Broken Arrow we believe that some Veterans may feel overran; We as an organization are the line of support to get you out of feeling all hope is lost.  We will never give up, we will never surrender.


National Suicide Prevention Hotline

www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org 1-800-273-TALK (also chat on website). 

Spanish language line 1-888-628-9454.

Veterans Crisis Line

www.veteranscrisisline.net and 1-800-273-8255 then press 1.

Vet Center Call Center

1-877-WAR-VETS (927-8387)


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