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About Us

What separates us from the rest?

Unlike other nonprofits for veterans our focus isn't just on one thing that veterans need help and assistance with. We came up with the idea of instead of being focused just on one aspect of veteran troubles why not all of them. So we decided to make it a full spectrum of chances and hope, dipping into just about everything.  

Our Main Goal

Many non-profits have goals and aspirations.  With that comes the hard work and dedication that help strive for those goals.  Here at Broken Arrow, we too, have many goals and aspirations.  Our main goal is to get Vets the mental health care that they need.  We know how hard it is for Vets to get into the VA to be seen for a therapeutic session and to get a refill on their medications. At Broken Arrow, become the middle man to get you in to the VA or help you to be seen by another provider. 

Our Future Aspirations

We want to be able to help build resumes for those struggling to find jobs and have suits donated to us so the Vets, that can't afford one, can keep it and wear it to their job interviews. We also (in a few years) want to build a shelter for homeless vets so they have a warm bed, hot food, and showers to use.  We want to be able to help them get off the streets, if they choose, and get them into housing and jobs.